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Aug 24 2010


7/25/10 I learned a long time ago that I’m not that great at transitions. I’m always super stoked until they actually happen. I like to find comfort zones. But, following up on my reflections about people, kids, who are basically stuck in the Valley, I’m wondering how I can re-align my perspective. I know it’s…

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Aug 24 2010


7/24/2010 In a list mood: 6 reasons I love my sleeping bag 1)     it’s green, albeit faded 2)     when I fail at rolling it up, it stays loosely tied together and doesn’t start to unravel until just before I’m setting it down 3)     It gives me the out to ask people for help rolling it…

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Aug 23 2010

Apartment Living

7/23/10 Officially living in my new apartment! Sans furniture. Just my basic living supplies. Which I quickly realized won’t hack it in an apartment. When I open my own apartment complex, I will leave new tenants with some complementary toilet paper and some kind of snack or something in the fridge. I mean, really, it’s…

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Aug 23 2010

Learning about the Valley

7/22/2010 The couple I stayed with before Induction has put me up again for 2 nights. They are so nice, and they both work in my district! I’ve gotten a lot of insight because she works in administration. Like how we assume students don’t leave the Valley because they are unaware of the opportunities. And…

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