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Jun 11 2010

TFA lingo

I noticed today that on top of the already proliferous amount of acronyms present in TFA culture that the staff seems to rotate through some similar phrases. The two that stuck out today from multiple people were – thanks for “reaching out” and “anecdotally.” I love the words they use though! This morning was our…

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Jun 10 2010

My Classroom!

Today, I saw my classroom. I saw my school. I saw my world for the next two years! The morning started off frantically as I couldn’t remember where I had left my keys. With a group waiting for me, I finally had to give up the search and ride with another corps member to our…

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Jun 09 2010

I’m a Valley Girl!

There’s so much running through my head. I want to remember everything, but let’s see if I can summarize. I don’t know if I ever announced it, but I have been placed! 7th grade English…. I’m quite excited! Last week, I took my Generalist TeXes test. I found that I overstudied, but also that the…

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