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Oct 25 2012



The week finally caught up with me. Yesterday, I got home at 6:30, slept till 8, worked for an hour, then slept-slept-slept until the morning & 5 snoozes later when I finally woke up. I was worried I was getting sick, but I’m pretty sure I was just fatiguee.


Tonight, I still have over half of my lesson to plan, and I have zero focus, but it’s cool. I’ve already blocked out as much time as needed for sleeping this weekend :)


Students who made me smile today -

1) My homeroom. They’re just wonderful and smile every morning when they shake my hand.

2) My board game club. We were exchanging riddles today, and I gave them a good one. Two of the boys popped in during their next passing period, because my classes don’t line up with the bell schedule, and they said, “MISSSS we can’t concentrate, tell us the riddle answer!!” …in the middle of my class. I, of course, pushed them in the hall & shut the door, but then smiled & tried to jump back into the lesson.

3) Children reading books!!!! They were all digging into their books throughout class, and so many of them have gone to the library or bookstore & checked out the different books we’ve been talking about. Yay for children wanting to read! I also love that the culture at my school is such that many parents will buy books for their students. Although I have a feeling that quite a few students told their parents they “had” to buy it. No complaints from me :)


Ok, enough procrastinating, to finish. Friday night, you are going to be so comfy!!!

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