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Oct 03 2012

Que Tal, Mundo

Three Thoughts Tuesday


Thanks for your prayers for my students with some personal issues…..thanks to some recent admissions on his part, he will now be getting the help he needs, and everyone is on the same page. Now let’s pray for the pregnant mom who yelled at me when I stopped her daughter from crossing our street today….because it’s against the rules….because it’s dangerous. I held my ground, but it was not pleasant. The joys of afterschool duty.


Really excited about the door decorating contest…this is silly and trivial, but I’m pretty sure this idea is going to ROCK, and I’m ready to win something….err, for my class to win something ;)


3rd thing, I almost honked at a car that cut me off on Monday. My hand hovered over the horn, but I restrained. I figure it’s only a matter of time before I join the ranks of rankled Houston drivers who honk first, question later. But a honk did save me from huge embarassment last week. True story.

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