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Sep 25 2012



A friend imparted some accidental wisdom tonight. The things that are challenging to me right now, the things that frustrate me and make me question what I’m doing…..they’ve gotta be building some skills somewhere. If everything was happy do-diddle, then I wouldn’t be developing.


So here’s to hoping that I’m building skills that will lead to greater student achievement. Maybe I’m finally learning how to “build consensus”….or I’m learning how not to do it…..but I’m not sure how to fix that? Why is it that sometimes you feel the need to apologize for the work you’ve done because otherwise people might dislike you for the extra effort you put in? Do you stop working as hard? Or is there a way to complete the work without feeling the need to put yourself down when people comment on it for fear of them viewing it negatively or as you trying to one up them?  How do you balance it?


2nd six week woes…….


But to end on a positive note, we had a really productive parent meeting today. Those always make me feel better when the parent is supportive. And got really positive messaging about our upcoming NJHS ceremony. The question of the hour – where does one find tall candles with drip catchers for cheap?

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