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Sep 24 2012

Game Time!


I realized today that I forgot a huge element of my *singlegirlcliche* post…..in that an unidentified vine is growing from the top of my windowsill. Think Jumanji because I just know I’m going to wake up one morning being choked by this thing. I openeed my curtains this weekend to let in some light…..and there’s this little vine thing hanging down….another tinier one growing from another hole. I touched it with a washcloth, and it crumbles quickly. The funniest part is, minus the irrational fears, it almost makes me love my apartment more. Gives it character ;)


Second development this week….observations count towards the payroll. It’s interesting to me that the summer book study was all about instrinsic motivation (Drive), but we use merit pay. Anywho, had a meeting with my instructional coach, Unit 2 starts next Monday, and it’s time to hit the ground running! I’m a little nervous, but mostly jazzed. Until she walks through the door with her instructional rubric…dumdumdummmmmmmmmmm

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