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Sep 23 2012

a la cliche


Why I am a cliche


1) Cliche Single Girl: I bought wine, ice cream, and a redbox Friday night. The cashier made a comment, and I will never do anything that cliche again. But truly, I curled up on my couch and enjoyed every minute :)  On Saturday, I bought several dresses that I don’t have places to wear them to, but they were too pretty to pass up. I also broke the rule of not trying on dresses outside of my budget. Oops.  I also have calendered out gym time & talking to friends time for the week. Done.


2) Cliche Adviser:  I spent tooooooooooooo many hours this weekend looking up info for NJHS ceremonies. Does anyone have any good ideas for this? I’m currently thinking classical music, light reception, keynote speaker (looking into a few, but Houston ideas appreciated), and *maybe* candles if that’s approved? Anyone remember something special from their NJHS/NHS days?  Only caveat is that we don’t have old members…since this is the first year…

3) Cliche TFA Teacher: I just spent 3 hours updating my classroom Excel objective tracker. It’s beautiful, dabomb.com, and almost everything I’ve ever wanted it to be. With some nifty Excel exporting & values tricks, knowing which groups to pullout is easy-peasy.  Yes, it took way long today, but that’s b/c I had to standardize everything. It should go much quicker from here on out. And I’m just SOOOO stinkin excited about it! I have a check-in with my instructional coach tmrw, and I can’t wait to show her my Easter tracker, dubbed for its bright colors b/c apparently that’s the mood I was in.


Hasta luego!



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