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Sep 18 2012

Two Thoughts Tuesday

1) How have I been missing out on avocados all my life? Spinach salad with a little bit of everything I could find in my fridge + a fresh avocado = amazing…it’s like dessert! The only good thing about being a picky eater slowly expanding her palette is that it’s like my birthday every time I discover a new mini-obsession!


2) I have been unofficially designated as the “feelings” teacher, which makes my heart happy! What this means is that if students need someone to hear them out, I get to do so. We have a new student who is transitioning really poorly. Part of my school’s system is that if you get on this behavior system for the second time, you have to wear a white shirt. It stands out in the sea of yellow and blue. Imagine having to do that in 7th grade in your 4th week of a new school when you already have awkward social skills. My personal thoughts on the matter aside, it’s the school’s policy. However, I now get to meet with him once a week to help him get acclimated and see how he’s doing. Cool beans.



Ok, I know I said two, but this snippet from a hallway conversation was just too hilarious. I have no idea who these students were, but this is a true story:

Student 1: Dude, check out my mechanical pencil.

Student 2: That’s not mechanical.

Student 1: Yes, it is. Look.

Student 2: No, this is a mechanical pencil.

Student 1: Dude, I swear, it’s mechanical! (voice rising)

Oh, middle school ;)


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