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Sep 14 2012



Today we had our 7th grade service project. I was nervous b/c I had planned a group to go to two nursing homes, and if something went wrong, it was definitely falling on me. To my utter delight, however, after awkward beginnings, the students, 90% at least, loved it and were fantastic. As we were leaving, residents were saying, “Please bring them back soon.”

On the bus, I told them it was the most proud I had been of students on a service project ever, and that was the truth. They were mature, interacted with the residents politely, and were just wonderful.

We ate lunch in a park where we all just got to hang out. It’s in those moments when you see the children inside the 7th graders, and it’s oh so delightful.

Lastly, we ended at a Skate World, where I was able to use my lack of coordination to try and help similarly disposed children to try to get off the wall and onto the rink. It was wonderfully fun.




HOWEVER, the true reason to celebrate lies in the phone call I received from a former student yesterday.

Any conversation that begins with “Ms, are you sitting down?” obviously gets my heart racing. It turns out she was already notified that she was selected as a Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholar.  You’re like, ok, cool, I remember you saying y’all spent WEEKS on this application last semester, but what does this mean for her?


  • personal academic advisor throughout high school
  • assistance of up to $40,000 throughout high school for electronics & enrichment opportunities
  • two trips to DC
  • financial assistance throughout college & grad school

Basically, her life was changed yesterday, and out of over 1,000 applications, with only 60 selected, she was considered, nationwide, to be in the top 10% (well, even higher I guess). It’s incredible, and I believed in her every minute we poured over that application, and now I know without a doubt that this is a young lady who will change the world.


So this weekend is for celebrations :)

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