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Sep 13 2012

white assumptions


It’s always a marvel to my students when they find out I speak Spanish. Which, to be fair, I’m about as stereotypical nerdy white girl as you can get. But still, we’re in an age where we’re moving (read: other countries have already moved) to bilingualism.


Anywho, hilariousness tonight. As I called parents b/c we’re scrambling to meet our goal of positively contacting all parents at least once per 6 weeks, there was one that stood out.

Interesting thought about predominately Spanish speaking parents. I have had this conversation several times this week – I don’t care if your child is practicing vocabulary definitions in Spanish with you, or telling you about their book in Spanish. They’re thinking and reinforcing materials. That’s great. Don’t discount the value of bilingually supporting your child. It’s an advantage.

But I digress. I call one parent, (we’ll say Juan’s mom) give her the Spanish “your child is doing great!” update, hang up, and repeat the process with another parent. While I’m talking to the 2nd parent, Juan’s mom calls back. I figure it’s an accidental dial, but she calls back again.

So I hang up and call back Juan’s mom.

Me: “Hi, I saw I missed your call?”

Mom: “Oh  yes, I told my son his English teacher called, but he insisted it couldn’t have been you because you don’t know Spanish, so I had to call back to prove to him.”

At this point we’re both laughing….

Me: “Well, tell him that I am his English teacher.”



Still cracking up. Oh, children.


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