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Sep 05 2012

Mojo, what!


Wednesday Wonders:

  • This was Tuesday, but many, many parent calls made, and my heart was so happy. I love telling parents how awesome their students are :) …especially when the conversation is in Spanish. I don’t know if my skills have improved w/listening to the Spanish radios stations for about an hour every day or Houston Spanish is just easier to understand, but regardless, that has been really neat.
  • Team meeting today, and I finally felt like I was able to contribute, say what I needed to say, and my heart wasn’t racing the entire time. Getting back in the groove!
  • One student, retained last year, has not improved. I’m working on ways to reach him….as I’m the only new teacher, it was hypothesized that I might have a better shot. Parent mtg Friday, and prayers appreciated :)
  • Girls volleyball game tonight….great to see some of the students who don’t excel in the classroom bursting with confidence on the court. And loved that there were at least 8 teachers there watching and actively cheering. Awesome, awesome, awesome.
  • I had to give my first real mark to a student for something other than they were tardy, etc. But for some reason, in this one class, I have two students who we have gotten off to a good foot through individual conversations, but they are smart alecks & our good convos have transferred to them thinking they can just spout out their thoughts in class. Had to nip that today, and I was worried about one student shutting down, but we talked after class, and he wasn’t happy, but I’ll just make sure to interact positively 4 times with him tmrw during class. If you didn’t know, it has been proven that you need a 4:1 ratio.  For every negative interaction, you need 4 positive to overcome the negative one with the student. Crazy stuff, but I completely believe it.
  • Last thought is that this week is the first week I have not been getting 8 hours of sleep (grades were due today, lol), but I’m still happy. Maybe it just hasn’t started building up yet, but Houston is awesome, my school is awesome, and my students are still, 98%, pretty cool & responsive.

K, that’s all, gotta plan!

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