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Aug 30 2012



…wonderful by virtue of its proximity to Friday.

Life is good, feeling out the students, and trying to get on the good side of the ones I know could pose problems later. It’s always interesting to me how much we have to pander to students, but at the same time, it is lamentable how little positive attention some of our students receive. We forget sometimes that our morning greeting might be their first smile or real interaction of the day, and the same at the end of the day. Important to keep that in mind.

Pros of this week

–ahead in lesson planning…yay! A ton of grading to do this wknd, but I should have help, so that will be lovely!

–participating with helping the seniors prepare their resumes & essays for college. I should get to work closely with 3 seniors…find out next week….super excited, it’s like the Writing Center :)

–pretty sure I’m going to head up the National Junior Honor Society, which I am BEYOND stoked about. I think this is going to fill the hole in my heart from my old school, and that nagging feeling that I don’t have anything that’s MINE in this new school (not even my classroom really, since I team teach). I know there’s some pride mixed in with that thought, but regardless, this is an endeavor I am legitimately thrilled to undertake. It will be open to 7 &8th graders, and my goal is to structure it where part of their service is tutoring, just like last year!!



And the BEST part of my week:

1) Yesterday, got a message from my former student who is going to change the world. She, as an 8th grader, contacted the ACT company to get her anwers to figure out which questions she missed. Oh, and she already scored a 21. Baller. Her goal is Harvard. We find out in November if she was selected for a prestigious scholarship…*fingerscrossed*

2) Today, I got an email from a different former student, asking me to call her immediately. Of course I do, and she tells me that she had to choose her most influential person and ask that person to describe why she is so awesome. I mean, could today get any better? So we talked for a bit and got to catch up. Her goal is Brown.


Life is good :)

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