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Aug 27 2012

Happy Mondays….



…occur when that Monday is a training day! While across the state, students and teachers alike were entering classes for the first time, I was actually bunkered down with the other ELA teachers across our district, planning out curriculum. It was a really great use of time, and it got me even more pumped about the coming weeks.


Of course, my old students began 8th grade today, and so I was excited to hear from a few of them this afternoon (aka I teared up a bit). I’m still experiencing a few pangs of nostalgia when I hear from those kids. I had built such strong relationships with them last year, and I know it would’ve been really impactful to follow with them as more of an advisor this year. Luckily, Fbook provides a way to stay in touch, and I have 160 new students to focus on. I remember it taking a month or two last year two before I was able to let go enough of my students from the previous year. So right now, time to focus on learning everything I can about my new students.


Speaking of, last Thursday was our Meet the Teacher night. It was fabulous. I LOVE getting parents onboard with our vision, and I prepared a 10-minute presentation linking EVERYTHING we do to their success with ACT, AP, and getting through college. It’s one of my favorite things to talk about, and I was excited to see parents nodding along in agreement.

After, I got to speak to a few parents in Spanish (oh, and I forgot to mention the parent meeting we had where I was one of the only ones who could communicate with the parent…talk about feeling a sense of excited purpose!) , and then some of my students discovered to their ASTONISHMENT that their white teacher speaks Spanish, and that was a great bonding moment because a few of us agreed to only speak in Spanish outside of class. These students really are amazing…and so polite!


Personal life is still kickin’ strong with gym twice a week, bible study, and fun -FREE – activities on the weekend….Sunday, the theater district had all sorts of free performance previews, so I got to see the ballet & Houston Symphony. Basically, I’m loving every minute of Houston because there is always something to do!


And the true highlight of last week – I made it the entire week without getting honked at! YaY!! I think people were nicer & I was more aware. Good combination :)

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