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Aug 21 2012

Things You Probably Don’t Need To Know…


…but you’re still reading.

1) I tripped over a backpack today. Recovered without falling, but still, first real trip of the year. 40 kids with backpacks does get a little cramped, I’ll say.

2) Only deodorized one armpit this morning. Figured that out after lunch. Cool.

3) Not funny, but exciting – spoke with my instructional coach today about the next item on my “life to-do” list being grad school. Mentioned that I know I want to continue working & I’m already studying for the GRE & planning to work this summer & then apply next year, but that in terms of choosing a program, I get really overwhelmed, so I’d appreciate any advice.¬†She shot off several different programs & said she would contact some people for me. Score.

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