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Aug 20 2012

Tiny Bites



I know I’m teaching again because I’m constantly hungry. In the morning, my stomach doesn’t wake up until I’m at work. This year, I have first & last prep periods, which at first freaked me out, but I think I’m already in love. The middle rush is a little intense, but you just keep the adrenaline running & then you’re done!

So anyways, during 1st, I grab some cashews or a breakfast bar. I normally drink my first glass of water. Fast forward to lunch, where I enjoyed some leftover enchiladas today, Propel powder mixed with another glass of water, a serving of fruit, and a chocolate chip granola bar.

The second my last class is finished, I scarf down a Special K protein bar, and proceed to eat more cashews. I just got home and immediately made myself spinach eggs w/sausage. And scarfed it down. And could still eat something else.

It’s a little ridiculous, but I know that I do burn a lot of energy jumping around the room with los estudiantes.


Monday was hectic, as any Monday should be. We were prepared to start our class novel, but the books haven’t arrived yet, so we had to push around some stuff. It all worked out well though….reviewed fact & opinions….played two facts & an opinion (in lieu of 2 truths & a lie, get it?) ;)

Favorite moment: One student said, “OneDirection is the best boy band ever.”

After establishing that it was indeed an opinion, I proferred – yes, because someone else could argue that the Backstreet Boys were the best boy band ever.

Class: Huh?? Who’s that, Miss? Whaa?


Oh, let’s talk about the “miss” for a second.

Students here actually know my name & call me by my name. It’s amazing. And proves that I was not fighting an impossible battle in the Valley with that particular pet peeve.



Last thought of randomness today – twice a week, after lunch, for 25 minutes, I and another teacher meet with a group of 40 girls. Blech, but that’s an aside. The purpose of the time is to conference, get organized, and generally instill good thoughts.

Well, we tried an activity today about respect. We posed scenarios & asked the girls which options they would choose. It was very practical items….like, a classmate said a wrong answer & people giggled. Or, someone wore something weird to school…what do you do?

So I encouraged the girls to be honest about what they would do, even if it wasn’t the right thing, because we wanted to have real discussions.

Pues, then a handful of girls would always choose the terrible thing to do…like, laugh and make fun of the person dressed oddly, or just walk by & laugh at the person who dropped their stuff. Mostly laughing, I guess. Laughing can truly be an instrument of torture in middle school.

I found it very difficult to facilitate the discussion with those girls b/c they were set that “that’s what they would do, and they wouldn’t care if people laughed at them, so what’s the big deal?”


I’m still a little perplexed. On the one hand, I’m glad they were honest b/c yea, it’s not all kumbaya in a middle school. On the other hand, I didn’t want anyone leaving thinking that those were actually valid options.


so yea.


Personal life – hole in ceiling still from leak, but it will supposedly be fixed tmrw. Hopefully.

Cooked enchiladas & salmon this weekend, so hopefully going to have enough meals for the week.

Going out for Houston Restaurant Month on Wed. I’m pretty excited for that one.

Oh, and did not get honked at on the road at all today. Last week, I was averaging once a day. So let’s hope this is my week to make intelligent driving decisions & be around kind Houston drivers.

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