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Aug 17 2012

This is it!


I finished my first week of teaching at my new school!!


And it is going pretty well :)


Yesterday, we did a book anticipation, and it was an activity I LOVE and have done many times before. Of course, doing it the first itme with another teacher watching made me go totally overboard with planning it out of nerves, and so the lesson was kick-a**. The students were fully engaged, they were discussing….it was one of those moments where I was only there to push their thinking….they didn’t need me monitoring. Two students even told me they wished we could do it again soon because it was so much fun.

It was one of those days where I finished thinking – Hells yea, this is it!


Today was calmer, but we did get to celebrate class jobs & do our classmate shoutouts at the end of class. I LOVE culture building! All in all, I’m stoked that it’s Friday because I’m exhausted & happy to just chill, but I’m still excited for next week.


Although, next week, we lay down the law. This week, we were lax in letting students “have chances.” No mas. Which is kinda hard for me and my team teacher, so we’re going to see how that goes, but I know it’s important now so that come October we aren’t pulling out our hair.


Peace & blessings

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