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Aug 14 2012

Who Are We?



With one item left on my school to-do list tonight, I am sprawled across my couch, trying my hardest not move anything but my hands as I type. Dinner wasn’t even heated up…just pulled the leftovers from the fridge. I forget how tiring the first week of school is! My body is not used to being up and pacing for 9 hours in a day. YES! days are longer – 7:30-4:30…classes are longer (75 instead of 55, which is actually a dream come true!)….AND we have lunch duty….I don’t remember that coming up in my interview ;)

Anyways, the point is, since I’m so close to finishing, of course I feel an uncontrollable urge to WRIIIIIIIITE!


Monday highlights

- announcing a reward that involves STICKERS & hearing an audible gasp from several of the students.

-Getting my first student home phone call!

Tuesday highlights

- reading about a student’s favorite person in the whole world – Steve Jobs because he transformed the mobile world…..anyways, something to that affect, which contrasted sharply with his other classmates responses of “mom, dad, older sibling”, so I was cracking up for a minute.

-making my first SPANISH parent phone call home :)

-inquiring about the local gym tonight & finding out that TMRW only there is a 24-hour special where the initiation fee is waived & the cost is $20 cheaper per month than usual….it happens for one day once every 3 months…..yay!!!  That means I get Zumba classes again. Speaking of which, I used Zumba as a fact for people to remember me by, and 2 people have expressed interest in going to classes with me, so that should work out nicely!



Team teaching is turning out well.


–We use morning planning period to plan, afternoon one to copy, and when I have come the past two days, I’m actually planning for the next day….WHOAA!

–I don’t have to be on 100% of the time, and it allows us opportunities to explore pull-out groups, etc. Today, as she was lead teaching, and I was walking and monitoring, I was thinking how, acting as her 2nd eyes & ears, I am every teachers dream.

–It’s just awesome having someone to bounce ideas off, and so fun to have another teacher who gets you in the classroom!



–Behavior monitoring is kinda boring. I spent 80% of the classes today mostly looking at nametags & trying to memorize names. Granted, I’m not complaining that there aren’t behavior problems yet, but I’m going to need something more purposeful to do with my wait time every other day.

–Compromise…but this is actually a mild con b/c she and I have been working really well together. We have VERY similar teaching styles, for better or worse, so we’ve been able to talk through any slight difference in approaches.

–Development…yes, I develop through working with her, and through exploring more pull-out options, but I’m worried about getting lazy with only “officially” planning every other day. It feels slacker, which is something that doesn’t sit well with me. Hopefully though, while some of the extra time can be used for a healthy social life, some of it can also be used to further classroom initiatives that would otherwise not occur. It all comes down to my ganas, truly. But I don’t want to get weak…I want to make sure I can still function independently in a class room. So I know that next year is a long ways away, but I’m considering already options to ensure that I take everything possible from this experience then take the next step.


K, going to finish Thursday’s activities….won’t have as much time tmrw b/c it’s a Holy Day of Obligation!


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