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Mar 08 2012

In less than 24 hours….



….I will be on spring break!!!!! Today was pretty chill.

Best part – after school tutoring. 21 students showed up, and all but 4 mastered the objective, getting them one step closer to seeing “Hunger Games” with us!


Ricardo and I had worked out that he would come in during remediation class, get help, then take the quiz quickly after school and go to soccer practice. Well, he was switched into a different remediation class, so we tried to work some during lunch, but I had lunch detention duty, so that didn’t work well. Then, I knew he was going to be rushed during his test.

He missed passing by one¬†question. I felt so bad. But I pulled him in after practice, and we talked about how he didn’t show any strategies….and when we went through the questions, he got all but 1 correct on his own. So he knows it.

But he said, “Miss, everyone is getting rid of their red marks except me.”

Me :(

I mean, I told him how smart he is and how I know he can do it…he just rushed. He left excited about his soccer game tmrw. He’s going to come to our tutors meeting and then make it to the game. :)


I can’t wait to see my boys and girls play!


One day more. We’re working on a partner essay and they’re going to work through a quiz with their partners. Praying that tomorrow is chill, that the tutoring group is fun as always, and that spring break begins with smiles :)


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  1. ZG

    Hi! I was wondering what kind of tutoring reward system do you have in place? How are the students earning their ticket to Hunger Games?

    Glad you’re enjoying teaching! Clearly you love what you do!

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