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Aug 30 2010

I hopped quickly around my room today….

because we were talking about parts of speech!

And with an adverb, you ADD to your VERB. My students gave me a verb.


I hopped. I asked them to add to my verb.


I hopped quickly. I also did jumping jackings quickly. I also waved my arms slowly.

They loved it. I burned calories. And I think most of them got it. We’ll see when I get their homework tomorrow.

Less fun note, each class (remember, 30 7th graders) is supposed to enter my class without talking. None did. We all got to practice again. And for some classes, again. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’m planning in time for redoing entering the class every day for the next week.

Better notes – kids have to have independent reading books by Friday. Some of my less reading friendly kids (read: mainly boys) were looking at books today. One said nothing interested him. I found him a book about basketball. Homeboy read silently during the entire independent reading time! Another boy said nothing looked good…and I had watched him goof off during the entire selection time. I handed him “The Library Card” and told him to read the first page…..where a boy shoplifts from a store.

He checked that book out :)

My last one…..a student called me tonight worried that since he wrote TEN sentences…and the assignment was for 5-8….that he he might get detention. I had to cover my laughter. He’s probably the sweetest, most sincere student I’ve met.

I love my kids!

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  1. Jamie

    I love book selection time!

    Note: Cannery Row by Steinbeck also has a great first page (and many more) and isn’t too long. But maybe whiskey, prostitutes, happy lowlifes aren’t the best reading for up and coming stereotype breakers?

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